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America's Cotton Marketing Cooperatives

Amcot member cooperatives are 100% owned by American cotton growers, focusing exclusively on globally marketing U.S. cotton.

The substantial role of cooperatives across rural America

Grower cooperatives handle, process, and market almost every agricultural commodity, source farm supplies, and provide credit and related financial services, including export financing. Earnings from these activities are returned to our growers, improving their income from the marketplace.

Grower cooperatives also provide over 250,000 jobs with a payroll of over $8 billion, contributing significantly to rural America’s economic well-being. All Amcot companies are proud members of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives.

Our Member-Owners

Our Services

What We Do

We enhance our growers’ returns through cooperative marketing programs that increase the value of billions of dollars of cotton at the farm gate.

We originate and market as much as 40% of the annual U.S. cotton production.

We provide growers with marketing plans and integrated risk management services in every U.S. cotton growing area.

We provide valuable financial and technology services within the supply chain for our growers from the field to the end user.

We provide integrated logistics and warehousing services, allowing grower control over the delivery of their products.

We ensure excellent service to customers before and after the sale, further enhancing the reputation of U.S. cotton.

We provide critical policy support to USDA by acting as Cooperative Marketing Agents (CMA) and ensuring timely and accurate use of the Marketing Assistance Loan (MAL).

We assist USDA in implementing farm programs for thousands of growers, reducing the federal government’s administrative burden.


We host the Amcot Sales Conference to communicate the value of U.S. cotton to our worldwide sales network.

All Amcot companies are members of the National Cotton Counciland theCotton Growers Warehouse Association.

Amcot companies are at the forefront of promoting the sustainability of U.S. cotton. We are the leading advocates of grower membership in the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol.

Issues of importance to Amcot member cooperatives and our growers

The Competitive Landscape for U.S. Cotton Exports

Brazilian cotton production has grown 394% in the last 20 years, with all of the increase competing with U.S. cotton.

The cost of production for U.S. growers has risen by more than 28% in the past three years.

Cotton’s safety net needs improvement.

Farm Policy

Our growers rely on a strong Farm Bill that ensures a robust farm safety net, including the Marketing Assistance Loan, crop insurance, ARC/PLC, and STAX. Export promotion programs such as the Market Access Program (MAP) and the Foreign Market Development (FMD) program are critical to developing new markets and diversifying trade risks. We support programs that help maintain a healthy and competitive U.S. textile manufacturing base.

Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics

About 85% of annual U.S. cotton production is exported. A significant share of that cotton returns to the U.S. as textiles and apparel. The reputation of Amcot member cooperatives as a reliable supplier of high-quality, responsibly-produced cotton enhances the value of U.S. cotton. Robust supply chain infrastructure and traceability are critical to preserving America’s role as the world’s leading supplier of cotton.

Farm Bill Recommendations

Amcot supports the Farm Bill Recommendations of the National Cotton Council. We encourage the adoption of language in the Farm Bill that maintains the operation of the Marketing Assistance Loan (MAL) during periods of a lapse in government funding. The MAL is a primary source of cash flow for growers at harvest. The program creates the opportunity to defer marketing until prices improve and, therefore, minimizes the likelihood of triggering an ARC/PLC payment. Because almost all loans are repaid with interest, the MAL runs at little or no costs to the government in most years. This request is consistent with NCC policy.

Board of Directors

Amcot’s board of directors is comprised of its chairman and the chief executive officers of the four cooperatives:

Meredith Allen
Meredith Allen


Sam Hill
Sam Hill


Paul Bush
Paul Bush

Calcot Director

Hank Reichle
Hank Reichle

Staplcotn Director

Kevin Brinkley

PCCA Director

Wayne Boseman

CCGC Director